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Johnathan Doran


An academic researcher in philosophy, science, and law, I was co-opted onto the Board of Trustees at Dunfermline Advocacy in 2021 due to my interest in Citizen Advocacy and my prior experience in charity governance: having previously sat on a board in the Scottish higher education sector and currently serving as Vice Chair of the board at a Grampian-based health, wellbeing, and antidiscrimination charitable organisation. As an undergraduate student, now some years ago, I was part of the management committee of my university’s student union and helped allocate millions of pounds of that institution’s budget. Having gone on to attain two masters degrees and a law qualification since then, worked with law practices, universities, and pharmaceutical companies, now, as a researcher, I also hold the Chair post of a UK law institution, which works to improve access to the profession. 

I believe that my interests align very well with Dunfermline Advocacy’s purposes and that I have demonstrated this by participating fully in the board thus far, including having sat on the organisation’s Executive Governance Group, and I look forward to contributing further in my newly elected post of Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.