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While the role of an advocate can at times be challenging, it is also extremely rewarding. Volunteer advocates make a positive difference to their advocacy partner’s life and well being.

Each partnership is unique and is agreed on by both the advocate and their partner depending on availability, interests and location. Dunfermline Advocacy supports all advocates and partners along their advocacy journey and ensures the right matches are made to promote a long lasting, natural friendship built on trust and respect.

Jim helping Fraser to understand how the Mental Health Act effects him.

Dunfermline Advocacy supports two types of advocacy partnership, long-term and short-term Citizen Advocacy.

Long-Term Advocacy

Long-term Advocacy is focused on building long-lasting, strong friendships in which both individuals can flourish and learn from each other. Find out more about Long-Term Advocacy.

Short-Term Advocacy

Short-term Citizen Advocacy is focused on addressing an immediate need or concern a vulnerable individual may have such as worries about  housing, health or finances. Find out more about Short-Term Advocacy.