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Long-Term Advocacy

Long-term Citizen Advocacy is based on a long-lasting friendship of respect and equality between two individuals. Volunteer advocates will spend time getting to know their partner and understanding what issues are important to them. They will provide support to help make decisions and allow their partner to put forward their own views and most importantly will be a friendly face and companion for their partner.

Ellen and Elissa just after a lunch out at McDonald's.

Like all relationships, every Citizen Advocacy Partnership is unique, but in general a Citizen Advocate:

  • gets to know their Partner, spending time together and building up a picture of the Partner’s life
  • helps the Partner to examine their situation and decide what issues are important to them
  • spends time discussing different options so that the Partner has unbiased support to help them to make vital decisions.
  • focuses on what the Partner wants and helps them to put their own views forward
  • treats the Partner as an equal and encourages others to do the same
  • is prepared to make a long-term commitment once the Partnership is established