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Microvolunteering Day – 15th April 2017

By Tricia Smith on April 12, 2017 in Blog

At DA we talk about citizen advocacy fitting into our volunteer’s everyday life and being something that is flexible. Microvolunteering takes this further and is all about no commitment, on demand actions that can be carried out on and offline. It’s about participating in actions that may only take a few minutes and can be worked into someone’s spare moments each day. This could be your commute to work, while you are waiting at the dentist or during TV ad breaks! Microvolunteering can take many forms; playing a game to contribute to research, sharing a photo or contributing to a discussion. I’m sure we would all be amazed if we found out how much time we spent a day scrolling through facebook or twitter, could we be using this time better? Microvolunteeringday.com has loads of great links that can take you to organisations that are looking for microvolunteers. Today I have already spent 10 minutes playing a game that helps researchers look at how easily people are distracted by words and colours and spent five minutes identifying animals from Gorongosa National Park’s webcam, which actually I could have done all day! It’s so easy and great way to pass some time! Why not try out some microvolunteering, have some fun and help an organisation all in under 30 minutes! You can start now by supporting us in our Co-op Local Cause fundraising appeal https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/7220

You can find out more via this YouTube Video (1 minute video)

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