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Advocate in the Spotlight – David

By Tricia Smith on November 21, 2016 in Blog, News

David has been a short-term advocate for four years now and has been matched with over 10 people in that time. That may not sound very many for four years but David’s partnerships have lasted anywhere between one month and eight months! David has also helped people in a variety of different situations such as family conflicts, care needs being assessed, benefit assessments, children panel hearings and social work engagement issues.

David has always been excellent at really understanding someone’s situation from their perspective and trying to find the best way he can help them without being intrusive. David will always encourage someone to have the confidence to speak up for themselves wherever possible but is also happy to speak on anyone’s behalf when they felt they couldn’t.

I’m sad to say that David will be leaving DA in the New Year as he is moving to be closer to his sons. David has always given a helping hand to DA in various ways and we will still be able to show new short-term advocates our DVD which features David talking about being an advocate. Recently I asked David what he had enjoyed about being a short-term advocate;

“My work as a short-term advocate has had a positive effect on peoples’ lives.  It has also been rewarding for me, knowing that I have been able to assist others to overcome difficulties and make a positive contribution to their life.

Short-term advocacy, without long term, regular, commitments suits me as, although retired, we travel regularly to see relatives and abroad for holidays often at short notice.

I would advise anyone wishing to make a voluntary, positive contribution to our community to consider helping with the excellent work carried out by Dunfermline Advocacy.”

From all the staff at DA thank you for all your hard work and good luck for the future David.

By Hannah Brennan, Development Worker

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